Imperfection Perfection – Macaroons

My Imperfect Macaroons!

I came across a blog by BraveTart, a baker who makes macaroons several times a day in a kitchen in the hot and humid climate of Florida.

Macaroons with Chocolate GanacheWhat’s so unique about another recipe or article about macaroons?  Well the fact that she says these little treats which can be so finicky to make and have a mystique surrounding them (they won’t turn out if it is humid, the egg whites need to be aged for the best results, they must sit for at least 20 minutes to dry to help develop their feet before baking, etc., etc.) are really quite simple to make and most of the mystique is just nonsense.

BraveTart goes on to walk you through a recipe and also has an article on 10 Myths about Macaroons.  Check out

The point that stood out to me the most was that no matter what they look like they still taste great. You only need to be worried they are not perfect if you are selling them in a Bakery.  Otherwise give yourself a pat on the back for making them and give yourself a few times to get down the piping, the fillings and the correct consistency of your whipped egg whites and sugar before you give up.

Messy Macaroons...but still tastyI ate so many of my imperfects that I had to go for a walk and do one of those workouts you find on Pinterest that are supposed to scorch calories…and yes they were delicious especially the ones filled with the chocolate ganache.

So don’t let these little babies intimidate you, everything needs practice and no matter their shape or size a macaroon filled with chocolate ganache, a little buttercream or even some nutella, is still perfection.  Or at least one type of perfection.  Let’s not forget vanilla cupcakes, chocolate studded brownies, banana bread, shortbreads, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, toffee…


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