Rose Bridal Shower Cake – Love is Like This!


Ahhh weddings. Such a wonderful time of happiness and love, fun and fanciful hopes and dreams of the future with the person you see yourself growing old with. In this day and age who knows why some of us are successful in the forever after department and others are not.
For all the reasons and issues that seem to exist, other than abuse and drug/alcohol dependency, I think it is really quite simple…you must LIKE the person you commit to. Maybe that is just way to simplified but if you look around at the solid couples, no not the ones faking to the world how great they are together, how much they have in common and all the over the top displays of affection, but the ones who go through every day and every issue and seem to just be. You know, maybe your parents, or your sister-in-law or a good friend. The one thing I see in all of the couples I know with happy successful marriages is how much they like, as in respect each other and truly care for each other. At the end of the day or week or month, whether it was filled with stresses at work or home, happy occasions like a birthday, or even a week of vacation, despite having differences and different likes, these couples are with the person they WANT to wake up beside every day. There is no magic formula and every couple has a different dynamic but, to me anyway, these loving couples seem to have one simple thing in common. Despite not being perfect and having little traits that annoy one another they still want and choose to be with each other and other options never seem to enter their minds. And that is true love! It might be different than your love was for one another at 18 or 32 but I think it is a deeper more heartfelt love.
Life is full of wonderful times, challenges, changes, happiness and sorrow. Knowing you are married to the one you love and like is something many folks take for granted and many others do not have. I hope your are one of the lucky ones, if not today then someday.

So today this pretty Chocolate layer cake with Vanilla Icing decorated with Roses is in celebration of Melissa and Chris. Wishing you both many years of wonderful life together. May you travel the road of life, bumps, pot holes and smooth highway always together.

This cake looks impressive and is popular judging by the hundreds, maybe thousands, of Pinterest pictures posted. But it is actually a pretty simple process to make the roses adorning the sides and top of the cake. I would recommend you have the cake premade and ready to split and fill, have the icing ready to go and tinted to the colour of you choosing.


2 thoughts on “Rose Bridal Shower Cake – Love is Like This!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! May the happy couple make the time to see and smell the roses life puts before them and not get obsessed with the weeds!

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