Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream ready for a cone!
Chocolate Ice Cream ready for a cone!

This past Sunday was one of those hot and sunny summer day.  A Sunday meant for sleeping in, lounging around with my coffee and just enjoying the day with no particular plan in mind.  I decided it would be the day to make homemade ice cream!

Why did I choose this Sunday of all days when every other day making ice cream is on my mental ‘to do’ list.  The other day a good friend lost her battle with an aggressive cancer.  When these things happen to ones we love or those close to us we usually take a step back and realize, even for just a moment, how fleeting life can sometimes be.

For me making some homemade ice cream my boys will enjoy is my way of seizing a moment of time and sharing a little love.  Maybe it’s calling mom an extra time this week or hugging your dog a few extra times.  For each of us it is something different. So today, for my lovely friend Lucy, who is no longer able to give a extra hug or “I love you”,  take a deep breath, let it out slowly and give your hubby, kids, pets or parents, anyone who means something to you, a big kiss and hug and a loud I love you.  It is surely true only the good die young.  Love you Lucy.  May you be in peace.

Dark & Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream – Canadian Living 2014/Summer Entertaining

After freezing for several hours put mixture in a food processor and process until smooth.  Return to freezer in a covered container and let set for another couple of hours and enjoy.

Chocolate Ice Cream ready for a cone!
Chocolate Ice Cream ready for a cone!

My only complaint about this ice cream is it is actually too chocolaty…I know, I know, I would never believe I’d utter those words in my life!

Up next, well it could be the peanut butter and Oreo ice cream recipe I saw, or the blueberry sour cream scones or maybe chocolate shortbread.  As long as it is something to be enjoyed and savoured, like life, it will be great no matter how the recipe turns out.


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