White Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Oreo surprise inside!
Oreo surprise inside

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had the opportunity to connect with family or friends sometime this weekend and had a chance to say a little thank you for all the blessings we take for granted everyday.  Things like clean water at the turn of a tap, an abundance of food at every corner and people who support and care about us every day.

Today’s simple and uber sweet treat is white chocolate covered Oreo cookies.  Oreo cookies on their own are treat enough but enrobed with a delicious sweet coating, why that is something to say Thank You to!!

The most difficult part is making enough to share and not having the boys eat them all.  Well actually the most difficult part is melting the white chocolate merkins or candy melts, but more about that in a bit.

Before sharing the quick and easy instructions for these I need to give credit to Bitsy Treats Boutique, a one woman company who specializes in bite sized sweets, who makes the most beautiful dipped Oreo’s.  Hers are perfectly smooth, have various coloured chocolate designs on the top and more.  After eating several of her beautiful Oreo bites I figured I could make a “poor women’s” version for in-house consumption.  No one at home cares if the surface isn’t smooth or if they are wrapped in pretty foil papers.  Although I must say we do eat with our eyes first so Susan’s confections look gorgeous.

Pastel Sprinkled Oreo’s

All you need to make the cookies above is a bag of Oreo’s, a 12-cup muffin tin, muffin liners, a microwave safe bowl, a spoon and a bag of white candy melts or merkins.  Sprinkles are optional.

Line the muffin tin with the cupcake liners.  Put candy melts in microwave safe bowl and microwave according to directions.  This is where I have difficulty.  It seems I am always over heating them!  So I have found heating them on about half power, a 5 instead of 10 (full power), is a good start.  About 1 1/2 minutes first time and try to stir them, keep heating for about 45 seconds, then 30 seconds and then maybe 30 again. If they are too hot (but not so hot they seize up) try adding in a few more of the melts and stir furiously.  You may have to do this several times.  One great thing I have found is if mixture is too hot you can actually leave it for a few minutes and go back to it and it will cool down and become more fluid and useable.

Once melted to a nice fluid state, put about a teaspoon of chocolate in the bottom of about 4 liners (work with a small group at a time), then place on Oreo on top and go back and spoon another generous spoonful of chocolate on top.  Gently bang on counter to help disperse the chocolate.  Add some sprinkles for a pretty or festival look or to cover the imperfections!  Or drizzle some other coloured chocolate on top for contrast.  Heat the chocolate again if necessary to keep it fluid.  Keep going.  Let them set at room temperature for a bit, maybe 15 minutes.  You can pop them in the fridge to speed up the process.

2 tone Oreo's
2 tone Oreo’s

Peel the liners away and enjoy.

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