Pretty In Pink – Just Because Cake

Today’s pretty in pink cake is a “Just Because” cake.


It’s a “Just Because” cake… because the almond meal I needed for my almond torte was expired and the dozen eggs I thought I had were non-existent and the other recipe for the orange pound cake is tucked away in the “good”, (well obviously far too good) spot so I cannot locate it and the butter is frozen!  And, because after visiting Florida, where I made sure to hit a grocery store to see what baking tidbits were available,  I had this pretty in pink cake mix waiting in it’s pretty pink box.  Ace of Cakes guru Duff Goldman put his name on an assortment of baking and cake decorating products including this nifty pink camouflage mix.

Just Because Cake

No Pink or Green Camouflage cake mix in your cupboard, no worries.  Mix up any variety of white cake mix or from scratch recipe and divide the batter into 3 smaller bowls.Just Because Cake 4 (2)  Leave one bowl of batter white, add a little pink food colouring to the 2nd bowl and even more pink food colouring to the last bowl.

To your greased 8-inch round pans add spoonfuls of the different batters randomly to each pan, layering colours on top of each other, until the batter is evenly divided in both pans.  Bake per your recipes instructions and let cool before frosting.

Ice and fill with your favourite icing.  I strongly suggest making a from scratch recipe as it seems to always make any home baked cake or cupcake (whether from a box or not) taste just that much better.  My icing was 3/4 cup of room temperature salted butter, approximately 4-5 cups icing sugar, 1/4 cup whipping cream and a mix of Raspberry Seedless Jam and Strawberry Jam because I needed to combine them to make 1/2 cup in total.  Beat the butter for 1-2 minutes with a mixer, add in half the icing sugar and mix on low, add in a couple tablespoons of cream or milk and mix, add in the remainder of the icing sugar and the cream.  Add in a little more cream if it is too stiff or more icing sugar if too wet.  Add in the jam and mix on low until the icing is nice and smooth.  Adjust with more icing sugar or cream if needed.






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