About Me, Linda

linda hoffer

If you are clicking on the ‘about’  key and you have read a few of my blogs then you already know I have a love of all things sweet and generally, the sweeter the better.  Enjoying a sweet treat, beautifully presented and delicious tasting is one of life’s little pleasures!

I feel I have more than my sweet tooth to guide me having completed courses at George Brown, McCalls and Bonnie Gordon.

Join me for recipes and on occasion comments unrelated to baking at all….you will see what I mean if you check back from time to time!?
My plan is to wade through my recipes and recipe books baking up items that call my name.  Sugar reigns supreme in my mind and when mixed with things like butter, eggs and flour can create the most wonderous items, big and small, and best of all, ready to consume in a short period of time.
Thanks for checking me out..well not me specifically…not in that way…you know the blog…


9 thoughts on “About Me, Linda

  1. I love this… Congratulations on setting up your website! Can’t wait to hear those opinions and more importantly try some of those recipes!

  2. Hi! Really enjoyed perusing your blog! Some great recipes that I will definitely check out. We chatted last week at my shop in the St. Lawrence Market 🙂 I’m going to try out the blueberry oat muffins and coconut oat bars! Yum!

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